What to expect from CC412

  1. The Reformed Table Talk Podcast: Byron Gillory and I have recently began discussing what is known as Systematic Theology. It may sound like a big word but its simply a harmonization of various verse in the bible that make up particular doctrines. Systematic Theolgy brings things together to help explain in detail what each of these doctrinal views are.

  2. Online Course: As mentioned above, Byron is currently working on a higher grade educational ministry while I am developing courses for the men and women in the congregation. As of now we have about four courses ready to be enrolled into. We will not be providing a quiz in each course at this time but will simply have a final essay for the students to share what they have learned as well as provide feedback.

  3. Student Orientation: As of writing this article, I am currently working on a short orientation lesson to provide additional information to the students on what they can expect to get out of the courses, as well as how they can be involved.

  4. Additional Courses: The next course to be released will be called “Works of the Holy Spirit” in which we will share how the Holy Spirit operates within the church and how He does NOT operate. Additional courses include Lordship and Obedience, Baptism, Discipleship and Leadership, Evangelism and many more. These particular courses currently on the list will be provided separately until this list is completed. Once completed they will be compiled into a large series called “Fundamentals of Faith”, acting as a “Beginners Course” so to speak. At that point, we will begin the same approach with our next series.

  5. Mentorship Program: There is not too much I can share with you on this right now, we are currently working out the kinks on this feature but hope to release more information soon!

  6. More Books!: With such a strong passion for writing, I personally have plans to write more books, currently there are eight on my list to right. Up next is a book on the Christian Life (real title is undisclosed) and what that looks like. Unfortunately, I can’t give away too much more on this particular project without giving away any spoilers.

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