What is your excuse?

Recently I was in a conversation with someone and suggested they may be coming up with excuses not to move. Through that, I began to think about my own experience with excuses. I remember years ago, I was into website development and aspired to have that be my career. While I still do enjoy web development in my free time. (Find out more HERE, as well as website hosting HERE) I have since then, followed a different calling.

Years ago when I began my ministry work, young in the faith yet knowledgeable of some basic doctrine, and yes I seriously mean basic. But with that, I still taught others what I could about what I knew. I had many people suggesting me one thing…

Have you ever thought about going into ministry?

No, not really. At least that is what I thought. It took a number of people to convince me otherwise.

While I still do enjoy web development in my free time, I have since then, followed a different calling.

Who has influenced me? Well the God and Lord of all of Creation of course! But who did He use?

I had a woman who was wiccan, atheist, false convert, and even a false preacher all suggest the same thing. As well as some co-workers over the years. It is truly amazing how God works! Much like He did with Ciaphas, speaking through anyone, not just Christians!

Out of all these people, it took a pastor to motivate me to get active in my ministry and the education that goes with it. So for about a year, I was doing my podcasts online via facebook every once in a while as they came to mind. Then I stopped. I got busy with working 40+ hours a week, volunteering as a youth leader in a couple organizations. I simply did not have the time or the money to put the effort into a ministry that I needed.

One year at work I was in prayer, I prayed for someone who appeared to be straying, they did not have enough time.

“God, if this person is struggling, they are so busy.  Show them how to make time for you, we make time for the things that are important to us.”

Guess what? God spoke to me at that moment. You know what He said?

“You make time for the things that are important to you.”

Right there I had to stop.  I was blown away by not seeing it before. I had no excuse. God called me into ministry. It was something I had a passion for. But I was doing nothing to make it happen. I was trying to play Moses.

We see in Exodus 4 how God is calling Moses to a task. A great task at that. By this time Moses was already married (Exodus 2:21),  and even has a son (Exodus 2:22). He has a family which he needs to take care of, provide for and think about their well-being. But to God, this didn’t matter.

We find out in chapter 3 and 4 that God is giving Moses no excuse not to move.

  • Exodus 3:11 Moses questions his qualifications. Exodus 3:12 God affirms that He will be with Moses
  • Exodus 3:13 Moses questions the people’s belief. Exodus 3:14 God affirms what he should say.
  • Exodus 4:1 Moses questions their trust. Exodus 4:2-4 God gives Him a three divine sign to use.
  • Exodus 4:10 Moses questioning his own speaking skills. Exodus 4:11-12 God affirms that He is the one who provides the words to speak.
  • Exodus 4:13 Moses tries on last time, asking God to send someone more qualified. Exodus 4:14 not only does God become angry with Moses. But He gives him yet another reason to act by sending his own brother along to help in this great task.

Now we also need to point out that Moses was on Pharoah’s radar. He was being hunted to be killed (Exodus 2:15). He was a man who was being called to lead 600,000 people out of Egypt (Exodus 12:37), this does not include the women, children and elderly who could not walk which could bring the numbers well past 1 Million!. He has no physical army by his side. He grew up in a pagan culture his whole life so he probably doubts this Gods power to protect him through any danger. Yet through all of this, after one involved conversation with the Lord. He decided to move. And all God had to do was remind affirm who He was, and what He could do.


What is your excuse? Every professing Christian is called into ministry. Whether it be medicine, teaching, preaching, hospice or whatever else. And when I speak of ministry, I am not just talking about good deeds. I am referring to using your skills for the greater of God’s glory and His kingdom and for His people. To be willing to publically profess who you work for, and why your doing what you’re doing. To present the full gospel to another in hopes to save them from their sins.

As we have already learned in this article, lacking certain qualifications, fear of being believed and not mocked, lack of verbal skills, not enough time to act. These are all excuses God does not accept. When He calls us to serve, we must be willing to say “You are my Lord”.

I know we all have struggles and if you’re like me you have been guilty in the past or present of putting the servitude of the Lord off because there simply isn’t enough time or resources or you lack certain criteria.

I am here to say one thing that I hope will help motivate you all. I was called into ministry. To preach the gospel and teach others what I know about the word of God. Right now, while I am pursuing the college course to obtain my Associates Degree in Divinity, I do not have a degree. I do not have a church I found with solid doctrine. This ministry is run off my own finances out of pocket and I work 40+ hours a week. Juggling the ministry and classes on all that is a struggle. But I was called, so now I have had to do what I can to make it work.

I have a website, Youtube channel, and basic equipment to proceed with the work the Father has placed before me. In other words, I may not have everything at my disposal to do what needs to be done, but I can still do something.

I want to encourage you to look into your own excuses you have used or even are using. And lean further on God in His promises to be there by your side, to provide for your needs, and to always protect you from harm.

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