Welcoming Ministry Team Members

We are happy to announce that the Christian Cornerstone ministry now has 2 new additions to the team.

Lisa and Brian are both students met through CLI and have felt a similar calling to present the Word of God to the world. Each one of them has their own ministry field they felt called to and are working to progress in those fields, each of them has agreed to take part in the Cornerstone project.

Lisa has agreed to come on board as our Content Manager, she will be supplying blog articles for our fans to read, as well as helping to pull content together for our weekly podcasts.

Brian has decided to join on board as a CoHost in the podcasts, connecting over Skype, we will be discussing certain issues within the scriptures and taking questions from our fans.

I am proud to welcome these tow to the team and I look forward to seeing what God can do with us, as we begin to outreach in ministry for His glory.