Pastoral “Guild” Formation

Notice: The details of this article are subject to change.

Over the past few weeks, the idea has been tossed around to form a sort of “guild” or coalition of Pastors or Pastors in training.

After coming up with the idea, it was seen the following day online of some good tactics to follow when creating such a group. This was taken to be an intensive to move forward with the idea.

As of now, there is no official plans to progress with the idea. Christian Cornerstone would first like to find a couple ministers who would like to take up this project. We are looking for at least 3 active ministers of a pastoral position.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of this “guild” is simple, a group that would act as a support group for other ministers.

  • Connection – Many pastors out there don’t have much of a group in which they can reach out to as a means to share what is going on in their own ministry. This can be a struggle sometimes and the minister may even question certain things. Connecting to other ministers helps bring additional perspectives to the mind to help resolve certain issues.
  • Critique – Another element that pastors need is someone to critique their work. Pastors may not always have the best group of people that can help evaluate their lesson plans, often the people who they do have are the ones that need the lesson. A group of ministers can help evaluate one another sermons to ensure they are theologically sound, and deliver the proper message with clarity and without personal bias.
  • Community – While many churches talk about being a community of believers, it is usually a concept within the walls of their own church. Christian Cornerstone would like to change that by bringing ministers together for the sake of Christian community. With this principle in mind, we will be providing a private social community for the group members to interact with each other outside of our schedules meets. This will help us keep up with each others current status as well as provide resources through out.


  • Members are to be men only. While we do welcome women into the Christian body as ministers. It is important to note that this ministry stands to uphold conservative Christian views. Being that this group is open to pastors or pastors in training, we do hold to the biblical roles as found in 1 Timothy 2.
  • Associates Degree – because of the purpose of this ministry group, we would require all members have at least (or currently enrolled) an associates degree in Divinity, or equal education. This shows the group that you are actively pursuing what God has called you into. As well as your own personal sincerity to the call.
  • Inside Reference – new members to this group must be referred by an existing member of this group. While we can not confirm the status of everyone, this referral program ensures the individuals status in the Christian faith. The active member who would know the individual by means of a closer relationship within a local church ministry will be able to voice the approval of their walk in the Christian faith.
  • Active Ministry – Members are required to be in an active ministry role. This can be anything from the establishment of a ministry, or the ongoing work within an established ministry.


It is important to note, this group has no authority over each members individual ministry. Outside of the biblical authority to hold each other accountable for the sake of righteousness.