Newsletters coming soon!

We have had a lot happen recently within this ministry. I don’t know if its so much of a personal impact that it feels like a lot is happening, or that there is really so much going on that there is too much to list down, but regardless we don’t have much of an official way outside of blogs to share this information.

What do you do when there is so much to share, so much that people want to know, but not enough internet to make it happen? Well, we are going to piece together a newsletter to share some updates, insights, and goals we are working to accomplish!

Starting with the new year, we will be releasing a Bi-Monthly newsletter to our financial partners. Why? Finances are an important aspect to run this ministry, we have faith God will provide for the immediate needs as well as prepare us for future needs. But through all of this people like to know what is going on in a ministry, they like to know where their own money is going and what it is being used for right? Well CC plans on sharing that with them.

That’s not all! In this newsletter, we will also be sharing a number of other insights, new team members, positions we are looking to fill, ministry goals, upcoming schedule of podcasts and much more!

While all of our fans and followers will still receive updates, its the financial partners who will be getting the exclusive insider edition to this ministry. Sign up today to help support this ministry and get the inside scoop first hand!

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