June 2021 Update

It has been some time since I have been able to get an update with this ministry project. This ministry is currently a one man operation so it can be quite a handful at times. With that being said it can also be slow going on the progress. In this article I hope to give you all an update of where this ministry project is at, and what I am working on developing right now.

As of now, the goal is to provide you all with an update every couple of months to keep you in the loop. Preferably, no later than 3 months at a time. I do believe our last update was by a video posted on Facebook HERE.


One of the most important aspects needed for this ministry is your prayers. As a Christian ministry, the desire is to do the will of God, and to accurately. Prayer is a vital requirement of this ministry in order that we see clearly on the Lords direction with this project and to ensure it is being protected from any demons who would try to come and thwart these efforts, as well as the staff of this ministry and doing what is right for the Christian.


Another need to operate this ministry would be financial support. Like all ministries, we rely on the income from our ministry members. Those who have committed to an ongoing monthly support of this project, who have faith in what this ministry stands for, and would like to see the Glory of God work through us to reach the lost, and train up disciples of the later generations. Your support of any amount will help to offset the cost to run this ministry and help us to reach the next steps in fulfilling the goals (the Lord be willing) of this ministry.

To help support this ministry, and receive fun members perks (as they become available) click HERE.


As of this article (May 31, 2021), I am putting recruitment on hold. At the end of June, I will be getting married. My new wife and I will be still getting settled into living together. After this point, I will be continuing to look for faithful believers to join this project. My first interest would be to reach out to my local church to find if they would have an interest in joining this project, however, this by no means should hinder anyone else from offering their service. We do plan on developing a network of faithful believers to help extend this ministry across America (first step), then other countries if the Lord is willing.

Developed(ing) Resources

For the time being, the collection of helpful resources is fairly small, but yet thanks to the Lord’s providence it continues to grow as we come across new materials, or develop them ourselves. Right now we have a couple of courses available on our student learning platform, as we continue to grow we will be adding additional courses (I have a notebook with a list).

There is also a couple published resources to help you in your walk. I have written my first book called Desperation of Doctrinal Reformation which deals with some ideologies that are not in biblical context. In this book I explain the dangers of this mode of thinking. We also have in editing stage a study notebook which you can use in your own time, or while listening to your local pastors sermons.

Finally, the current project (while I wait on the study notebook) I am focusing my time on writing my second book. This book will be discussion the issue of forgiveness and attempting to shed some light on the importance of the relationship within the Christian body. As of now I am working on writing up the rough draft. There is currently no deadline of when it will be completed. However, once completed we will continue to develop additional lessons to host on our website for the individual to review.

This ministry project is truly a great blessing. To know where it began, and what it has turned into has been a great blessing to experience. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has to do through the Christian Cornerstone Ministry.

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