Jesus is Lord

Is Jesus Lord or Savior?

Now I am not knocking that Jesus is our savior. In fact, that is true that He is. But of course we must share that He did not come to save the ENTIRE world, but only those who are the elect.

The modern [american] gospel focuses so much on Jesus as our savior but is drastically failing at professing Him as Lord. If so, at least not living it out.
After reading “The Gospel According to Jesus” by John MacArthur, I have been opened to an improved understanding of the scriptures. Also, moving Jesus as Lord ≥ Jesus as Savior.

While both are important attributes of Christ, focusing on New Testament alone, we see a HUGE difference in how many times Jesus is called the Savior compared to how many times He is called Lord.

There are three words I would like us to focus on. (Lord, Master, Savior)
According to the Strongs Concordance based on KJV…

LORD – 748/667
The word Lord (Kurios) in the NT is used 748 times. This is a word used to identify someone with supreme authority. Out of that 748 it refers to Jesus as Lord 667 times.

MASTER – 58/40
Master on the other hand, is a word that is used to identify someone as a teacher or instructor. This word is used 58 times in NT and out of that 58, 40 times it refers to Jesus Christ.

Now for the kicker, the grand finale, When I looked up the word for Savior, it was only used a mere 24 times in the NT when referring to Jesus.

Who is Jesus to you? Who do you declare Him as? When you’re sharing the Gospel to someone, what are your focus words? He is the savior of the elect, that much is true. But is Jesus the man who leads your life? Is He Lord?