Explaining the Heresy of Catholicism

Sometime last week I began a conversation with someone who suggested the Catholic faith was equal to Christianity, this person suggested that Catholicism was a denominational equal. As I have grown in my faith I have picked up bits and pieces of understanding in regards to the Catholic faith and can quite honestly say it is a false pagan religion that steals from Christianity to make itself stand tall. All of which is what Jesus has warned about.

After this conversation that lasted through the evening, I chose to look into it a little further and listen to some podcasts by John MacArthur as he explained the heresy of Catholicism. Not only does John do a beautiful job explaining the dangers, but he uses a number of sources in these podcasts. One specifically that stands out to me is the Catholic Doctrine itself.

Here is a collection of John MacArthur’s research regarding the Catholic Church.

  1. The Scandal of the Catholic Priesthood
  2. The Pope and the Papacy
  3. Exposing the Idolatry of Mary Worship (Overview)
  4. Exposing Mary Worship: Catholic Dogma (Part 1)
  5. Catholic Dogma (Part 2)
  6. Mary Worship: What the Bible says
  7. Heresy of Catholic Mass (Part 1)
  8. Heresy of Catholic Mass (Part 2)

Book referred to by John MacArthur