Nine marks of Prosperity Church

Some of the examples in what follows are specific and may not identify with you the reader. Many however are universal and are propagated by preachers on the internet, radio, and television. Since the prosperity gospel movement is inter-denominational, the teachings expressed in this article are not to be associated with any one denomination within evangelical Christianity.

“Holy Humor”: The Danger of being funny in the Pulpit

Original article produced by Tom Patton of Masters Seminary If there could be one word that summarized our culture, it would be “superficial.” We live in a juvenile, adolescent, immature, superficial society. People live for escapism and entertainment. They spend billions each year experiencing larger-than-life sensations at amusement parks and movie theaters in order to …

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Heresy Hunt or Bible Mandate?

Van Wert false preacher accuse that those who pick apart doctrines in which he called “Doctrine Police” or could also be called “Heresy Hunters”. This pastor goes on to say that this is exactly what the Pharisee did. We all know their reputation… But what he fails to realize is that the Bereans too were these “Doctrine Police” when it came to Paul’s ministry (Acts 17:11), more so Jesus does the same in (Matthew 23:3) against these religious hypocrites.

Matthew 5:23-25 | Leave and Reconcile

This condition is repentance, the recognition of harm done and the desire to resolve it, no matter what or who is at fault. In Matthew 18 we see examples of what we are to do when we have sinned against another, as well as when they sin against us. If and whenever possible, regardless of who is to blame, we as Christians are to resolve the conflict.