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Leonard Crawford Bio

My name is Leonard Crawford and I am a 56 year old husband with three children and three grandchildren. My wife, Veronica and I live in Atlanta GA.

I was brought up with Christian values in the Baptist church and I was baptized at the age of 15. Although I was brought up believing in God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost I somewhat strayed off path for quite a few years. After serving and retiring from the U. S. Marine Corps after 27 years, I didn't know what to do with myself and alcohol had begun to totally control my life. We all think from time to time that we can handle anything, and I believed that I was a good person who had it all together, but how wrong I was. I was barely holding on, and the path that I was on was destructive and I now know that it was not pleasing to God. My mother and father had both tried to reach out to me on numerous occasions, but it all fell on deaf ears.

I came to know my Lord and Savior in August 2014 through much love and prayers from my parents and my wife, I finally opened my heart to God so that He could take His place in my life. I dedicated my life to Him and was rebaptized in the Holy Spirit that same year. I have totally given my life to Christ, and I have daily devotions with God every day. I truly love the Lord and all that He has done for me and I will always study to show myself approved.

I was ordained a Deacon in September 2016 and I must say my journey has been a very exciting one. I have served as assistant Sunday School Superintendent, Secretary of the Deacons board, and Chairman for the Men’s Ministry. I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s program in Divinity at Christian Leaders Institute and will begin seminary at Luther Rice College this semester in pursuit of a Masters of Ministry degree. I am dedicated in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone whenever the opportunity presents itself to me. I currently have a ministry in which I am involved in called 5iveMinutes of Inspiration which through the guidance of the Holy Spirit begun in October 2018.

My prayer is that I will be ready when called upon to do whatever the Lord wants me to do for Him and His Kingdom. I know that God is calling me in ways that I could have never imagined, and I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide me in my steps each day.

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord".

5 Minutes of Inspiration

Our mission at 5iveMinutes is a commitment to bringing uplifting and encouraging inspiration to God’s Beautiful people through the Gospel of Christ

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The Pillars of Africa Children’s Ministries (PACM) is a local humanitarian Community Based Organization (CBO) established to improve the well being of children through sustainable projects.

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Our Ethos – Philosophy

Our Vision:

We envision well nurtured, empowered children with improved livelihoods.

Our Mission:

To raise a God fearing generation and capable ministers for the Kingdom of God and improved livelihoods

Our Moto:

“Children – the pillars for the future”

ECCLESSIASTES: 12:1“Remember now your creator in the days of your youth”


PACM focuses on the following objectives:

  • Bridging all efforts geared towards the mobilization of resources for
    the constructive attention to the plight of orphans, destitute youth
    and other vulnerable groups of people.
  • Establishing churches and schools in the communities
  • Creating opportunities for impoverished children, youth and teen
    mothers to access resources for formal and informal education
  • Raising awareness of general health
  • Fighting Malaria spread in the rural areas of our communities.
  • Mobilizing local and international partners to provide access to
    livelihood enhancement resources to ensure sustainable social and
    economic development of rural communities.
  • Fighting child abuse
  • Promoting talents among the young generation
  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment for AIDS orphans to receive
    proper shelter, food, education, health care within the context of
    family, community and culture, and set them on a path to independent
  • Promoting acquisition of vocational skills hence promotion of self reliance
  • Having a collective voice
  • Engaging in income generating activities to increase income basically
    in farming
  • Fighting the wide spread of HIV/AIDS and STD’s among the young generation
  • Improving youth welfare
  • Extending an helping hand to the needy