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About Us


Our mission is to equip the believer to not only defend the faith, but also to better understand issues pertaining to the Christian faith. Our hope is to provide the proper resources to the Christian to send them out into the ministry field and to make disciples as commanded in Matthew 28

Statement of Faith

We are sorry, but Christian Cornerstone has chosen to keep a statement of faith from being listed on our website. While they can be a good asset to curious visitors, typing something up and slapping it on a website does not mean the person(s) truly stand by the belief.

Instead, we would like to encourage you to make the judgment for yourself. Follow our podcasts, published articles and discern if the Christian Cornerstone is truly of the biblical Christian faith.

Bill Ricksecker
Bill is the lead manager in the Christian Cornerstone team. He is currently enrolled and taking classes for his Associates of Divinity. Bill has been a Christian for over 10 years and has a strong passion to help deliver the word of God accuratly, and clearly to the believers. His mission is to help others find the answers they are seeking.
Leonard Crawford
Leonard has been a member of the team since early 2019. His calling is to provide daily inspiration through 5Minutes, helping people get through each day, one verse at a time.